About Lion Forge

About Lion Forge

Lion Forge is a trans-media studio with a focus on comics publishing across all age groups. In its first year of solo-branded print publication, Lion Forge Comics brings approximately 20 titles (single issues, serials, trade paperback collections, and original graphic novels) to market.

As a company committed to “Comics for Everyone,” we strive to publish titles that reflect the diversity of our world in the characters, the creators, and the Lion Forge team, and to create content that is just as original.

With both licensed favorites and brand new ideas, we are the brightest and most diverse talent in the industry creating the most awesome new comics and graphic novels that we — as fans — want to see in the world.

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Lion Forge strives to produce “Comics for Everyone,” representing and reflecting every kind of reader, regardless of age, ethnic background, sexual orientation, or gender identification. Series include Catalyst Prime, the company’s branded proprietary superhero universe, comprised of characters, creators, and storytelling which reflect the company’s core values.

About Roar

TEENS AGE 13 to 17
Roar is Lion Forge Comics’ imprint for Young Adults and Teens, featuring an array of critically acclaimed and award-winning titles such as Lighter Than My Shadow, as well as the flagship series, Castoffs.

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Caracal is Lion Forge Comics’ imprint for tweens, featuring titles with preteen characters in relatable situations across genres, including Sheets and an array of single-issue humor series like Wrapped Up and Encounter.

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CubHouse is Lion Forge Comics’ imprint for children 8 and under. Here younger readers’ choices rule! From picture books like This Is a Taco! to transitional graphic books such as the Little Tails series, and early comic books like Little Pierrot, young readers can find their introduction into the world of comics

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Magnetic focuses on internationally recognized content and talent, featuring works that have never been published for an English-language audience before. The award-winning Magnetic library includes titles such as The Ghost of Gaudi and the Love series

About Quillion

Quillion is dedicated to Lion Forge’s core values of art and storytelling through interactive gaming. The flagship title of the Quillion imprint is Rolled & Told, a monthly gaming publication combining the thrill of tabletop role-play with the storytelling of comics.