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As an asteroid races towards Earth, a team of astronauts fights to save civilization from fatal impact, but...something goes horribly wrong. Most of the team is killed - or so the public is led to believe. A new wave of heroes arise from the fallout to defend the world from villains and conspiracies.

Catalyst Prime - Where people with powers embrace their humanity in all its greatness and flaws. Where anyone can be a superhero.

The Catalyst Prime Universe - Seven monthly titles featuring heroes who look, live, and love like us.

A New Universe … A New Generation of Hero!

"When Lion Forge Comics pledged to make 'Comics for Everyone,' aims to deliver..."
–Hollywood Reporter

Catalyst Prime Universe Of Titles
Writer: Priest & 
Joseph Phillip Illidge
Artist: Marco Turini & 
Will Rosado
In Stores Now!

Writer: Brandon Thomas
Artist: Roger Robinson
In Stores Now!

Writer: Joe Casey
Artists: Damion Scott 
& Robert Campanella
In Stores Now!

Writers: David F. Walker 
& Sheena C. Howard
Artists: Ray-Anthony Height & LeBeau L. Underwood
In Stores Now!

Writer: Joe Casey
Artists: Larry Stroman & Rob Stull
Creator: Ramon Govea
In Stores August!

Writer: Alex de Campi
Artist: Pop Mhan
In Stores October!

Writer: Joe Casey
Artist: Jeffe Palo
In Stores November!

Writer: Amy Chu
Artist: Jan Duursema
In Stores December!

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