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Mitch Iverson is signing Voltron at booth #1936
Friday, October 5th, 1pm – 2pm
Saturday, October 6th, 1pm – 2pm


Mitch Iverson


DreamWorks Voltron Legendary Defender © 2017 DWA LLC. TM WEP, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Mitch IversonMitch Iverson is a staff writer on DreamWorks Animation’s Voltron Legendary Defender. He loves comic books, giant robots, and all things sci-fi. He lives with his fiancée, Trish, and his dog, Elway, in Hollywood, California. He can frequently be seen browsing the aisles of his local comic book store in Hollywood.

Voltron Variant Cover

DreamWorks Voltron Legendary Defender © 2017 DWA LLC. TM WEP, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Get the exclusive NYCC Voltron Vol. 3 No. 1 variant cover!
The Galra have long held a number of slave planets in their grasp, and the Paladins have devised a plan to free them. Cutting off the resources of closely guarded planets that are mined for many of the Galra’s construction materials is the first step toward bringing down the Galra. But the key to successfully finding a way in is to break the bond of the mysterious force that holds these planets together.

(Issue/Cost:) Vol. 3 No. 1 – $15.00

Katie Green is signing Harvey Award Nominee Lighter Than My Shadow at booth #1936
Friday, October 5th, 11am – 12pm
Saturday, October 6th, 3pm – 4pm

Also find Katie speaking on the Lion Forge Panel Representation in Graphic Storytelling
Sunday, October 7th, 3:45pm – 4:45pm in 1A02

Writer and Illustrator

Katie Green

Lighter Than My Shadow

Lighter Than My Shadow © Katie Green, 2013, 2017

Katie GreenKatie Green is an artist and illustrator living in the southwest of England. She studied for a degree in biology before specializing in illustration and going on to create Lighter Than My Shadow, which is her first book. She publishes a bi-monthly zine, The Green Bean, and shares snippets of her other projects on her website,

Amy Chu is signing Signing Catalyst Prime Universe title Summit at booth #1936
Sunday, October 7th, 12pm – 1pm


Amy Chu

Summit Vol 2 Cover

SUMMIT™ TM and © The Lion Forge LLC

Amy Chu

Amy Chu is the current writer for Catalyst Prime title Summit, Red Sonja and KISS series. Writer of Poison Ivy’s mini series for DC Comics. Co-founded Alpha Girl Comics, publisher of Girls Night Out and other titles. Frequent comic-con speaker and moderator. Coffee guzzler, lego hoarder.

Paige Braddock is signing Love Letters to Jane’s World at booth #1936
Thursday, October 4th, 1pm – 2pm
Saturday, October 6th, 5pm – 6pm

Writer and Illustrator

Paige Braddock

Love Letter to Jane's World

Love Letters to Jane's World © 2018 Paige Braddock

Paige BraddockPaige Braddock is the creator of Jane’s World, which was nominated for an Eisner award in 2006 for Best Humor Book, and is currently the Creative Director at Charles M. Schulz Creative Associates, where she oversees the visual and editorial direction for all Schulz licensed properties. She’s illustrated several Peanuts children’s books, and designed the Snoopy U.S. postage stamp that was issued in 2001. She is also the author of the graphic novel series Stinky Cecil, published by Andrews McMeel Publishing, and the co-creator of the science fiction graphic novel series The Martian Confederacy, with writer Jason McNamara. Her romance novels for Bold Strokes Books are written under the pen name Missouri Vaun, and her Jane’s World prose novel, The Case of the Mail Order Bride, was published by Bold Strokes Books in 2006.

Ezra Claytan Daniels is signing Dwayne McDuffie Award-Winning Upgrade Soul at booth #1936
Friday, October 5th, 5pm – 6pm
Sunday, October 7th, 2pm – 3pm

Also find Ezra speaking on the Lion Forge Panel Representation in Graphic Storytelling
Sunday, October 6th, from 3:45 pm – 4:45 pm in 1A02

Writer and Illustrator

Ezra Claytan Daniels

Upgrade Soul Cover

Upgrade Soul © 2018 Ezra Claytan Daniels

Ezra Claytan DanielsEzra Claytan Daniels is a writer, illustrator, and designer based in Los Angeles. His work has been featured at the Fantoche International Animation Festival, the Fumetto International Comics Festival, and the Whitney Museum. Upgrade Soul was the recipient of the 2017 Dwayne McDuffie Award for Diversity in Comics.

Brenna Thummler is signing Sheets at booth #1936
Thursday, October 4th, 5pm – 6pm
Friday, October 5th, 3pm – 4pm

Writer and Illustrator

Brenna Thummler

Sheets Cover

© 2018 Brenna Thummler

Brenna Thummler bio picBrenna Thummler has always known her life is haunted. Much like Marjorie Glatt, she grew up in a small Pennsylvania town, where piano practice and ghost stories were part of her daily routine. It wasn’t until she attended Ringling College of Art and Design, however, that she realized her passion for storytelling (as well as her hatred of laundry). Now back in her hometown, she spends her days drawing, writing, and suspicious of her sheets.

David F. Walker is signing Catalyst Prime Universe title Superb at booth #1936
Saturday, October 6th, 11am – 12pm

Also find David speaking on the Lion Forge Panel Representation in Graphic Storytelling
Sunday, October 6th, from 3:45 pm – 4:45 pm in 1A02


David Walker

Superb Volume 2 Cover Image

SUPERB™ TM and © The Lion Forge LLC

David F. Walker is an award-winning comic book writer, author, filmmaker, journalist, and educator. His work in comic books includes Power Man and Iron Fist, Occupy Avengers, Shaft (Dynamite Entertainment), winner of the 2015 Glyph Award for Story of the Year, Fury, Secret Wars: Battleworld (Marvel Comics), Cyborg (DC Comics), The Army of Dr. Moreau (IDW/Monkeybrain Comics), and Number 13 (Dark Horse Comics). In 2015, he wrote the novel Shaft’s Revenge, the first new novel starring private detective John Shaft in nearly 40 years. David Walker also is the writer on the Catalyst Prime Universe title Superb!

Andrew Pepoy and Michael Uslan are signing Dinosaucers at booth #1936
Thursday, October 4th, 11am – 11:30am


Andrew Pepoy


Michael Uslan

Dinosaucers Volume 1 Cover

Dinosaucers © 1987, 2018 CC Telecommunications, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Andrew PepoyAndrew Pepoy has worked on hundreds of comics on such as The Simpsons, Fables, Batman, The X-Men, Iron Man, Star Wars, Godzilla, Transformers, Wallace & Gromit, Scooby Doo, and many more. Since 1990 he has written and drawn many stories of his own Harvey Award-nominated creation, The Adventures of Simone & Ajax.Andrew is an Eisner Award and Inkwell Award winner and has been a Harvey Award and Hugo Award Nominee. He lives in Chicago and is currently drawing a Dinosaucers mini-series for Lion Forge. More about Andrew and his current projects can be found at

Michael UslanMichael Uslan is the Originator and Executive Producer of the Batman movie franchise, his credits including, among many others: BatmanBatman ReturnsBatman BeginsThe Dark KnightThe Dark Knight RisesBatman: Mask of the PhantasmBatman ForeverThe Batman Lego MovieTeen Titans Go To the Movies; and upcoming: The JokerBirds of PreyBatgirl; and The Batman. Uslan’s autobiography, THE BOY WHO LOVED BATMAN, has been published by Chronicle Books.

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Better Together: Forging a Future for Librarians and Comic Book Stores

Date: Friday, October 4th
Time: 3:30 pm – 4:15 pm
Location: Berger Forum
Speakers: Christina “Steenz” Stewart, Jenn Haines

Description: With the growth in popularity of graphic novels in libraries, curating books that are on trend with what the market desires can be challenging. Lion Forge, the St. Louis publisher of “Comics for Everyone” offers an informative discussion to help librarians with ideas on how to partner with local comic book shops and vice versa. Join Lion Forge editor Christina “Steenz” Stewart, Eisner award-winning store owner Jenn Haines, and more for ideas on how both can help strengthen their graphic novel section, as well as produce events to serve their collective communities.

Lion Forge Presents: Representation in Graphic Storytelling- From the Comic Shop to the Tabletop

Date: Sunday, October 7th
Time: 3:45 pm – 4:45 pm
Location: 1A02
Speakers: Jeremy Atkins, Christina “Steenz” Stewart, David Walker, Katie Green, Ezra Claytan Daniels

Description: Lion Forge Comics strives to publish comics and more that everyone, regardless of background, ethnicity or gender identification can connect with. With multiple imprints, including an entire line of books for younger readers, and one of the most diverse superhero universes in comics history, the St. Louis publisher makes good on that promise every Wednesday. Join Lion Forge Senior publicist Jeremy Atkins, Rolled & Told editor Christina “Steenz” Stewart, Katie Green (Lighter Than My Shadow), writer David F. Walker (Superb), and McDuffie Award winner Ezra Claytan Daniels (Upgrade Soul) for a discussion on what inclusivity and representation truly means for the worlds of comics, gaming, and pop culture at large.