Angel Tomassini is on the run from the many forces would steal his powerful tiger totem, and it's getting hard to tell friend from foe! The exciting second volume in the sellout KLAW series, by Ozanam and Jurion, is on its way, hitting shelves in April!

The second volume in the series follows Angel and his girlfriend Lisa as they flee across the globe from the many dangerous forces that would steal their were-animal spirit for their own nefarious, criminal use. As if spotting and defending themselves from these hidden enemies isn’t hard enough, they also have to keep their own delicate control of their powers in check… innocent lives can get caught in the crossfire, and all the power in the world is useless if you can’t protect your friends and loved ones.

This globetrotting adventure collects chapters 4-6 of the exciting series, along with a never-before-printed interlude set in the streets of Moscow!